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Symbol/Description                                                Qty        Cost Basis    Avg Pur.Price       Last Price              *Change %             Total G/L       Market Value

AMSC    American Superconductor                            150          $907                  $7.23              $3.27                       (44.76%)                 ($501)              $490

CWST    Casella Waste Systems                               200         $1830                 $9.15             $21.05                       111.00%                  $2551              $4210 

RVLT     Revolution Lighting                                       200          $1021                $6.77              $3.87                        (36.23%)                 ($370)              $774

HASI  Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure   30          $578                 $19.26             $23.13                       24.74%                   $143               $694

HOV   K. Hovnanian Enterprises            

​Account Value.......$6860
​Original Amount....$6070***
Current Gain.........$790 or 13.01%

*currently not up to date

Smalltime Model Portfolio Last Updated

This is the Smalltime Model Portfolio. It is the first investment portfolio in the world funded exclusively with proceeds from the sale of scrap metal. We will be updating it periodically. The portfolio is high risk, since all the capital ($6070.00*) has been pulled from the trash in less than 1 hour a week of my spare time since 2009. We do not recommend this portfolio to our visitors, rather, we encourage you to do your own research in building a portfolio. Click on the symbols to visit each companies' website. We would like to make the SMP an investment club and encourage others to sell scrap and contribute to the club. The account is currently held at Interactive Brokers
 One man's trash is another man's treasure
*Scrap metal prices are at historic lows and have been trending down over the last five years
**One of the five companies I bought (MEA) was sold to a private buyer and is no longer in the SMP. ANAD has also been bought for .85 cents a share by a private buyer

***Early on there were $350 in realized losses on foolish options trades

95% of aluminum in buildings is recycled.

Nearly three-quarters of all aluminum ever made remains in use today,
representing a growing energy and resource bank.

Recycling 40 aluminum beverage cans saves the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline. If every American recycled just one additional beverage can this year, we would save the equivalent of over 7 million gallons of gas.

Every year Americans throw away over $2 billion worth of energy by not recycling cans.

Using recycled material for new aluminum beverage cans uses 95% less energy and produces 95% less greenhouse gas emissions than making a can from new materials.

An aluminum beverage can, once recycled, can be back on the store shelf in as little as 60 days.

More than a third of all the aluminum currently produced globally originates from old, traded and new scrap, a trend which is on the increase.

Americans earn about $1 billion a year recycling aluminum cans.

Aluminum produced from scrap uses only 5% of the energy that producing aluminum from ore does.

Aluminum cans, alone among the materials commonly found in the consumer waste stream, more than pay for the cost of their own collection and effectively subsidize the recycling of other, less valuable materials.

Provided by Aluminum.org