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Boom Time in Full Effect Pt. 2

by Bradley Voight on 01/31/19

Technology is changing the way we work, play, sleep, shop, exercise, drive, and on and on. The rapid advancement across every industry sector is happening at a pace never before witnessed. Cryptocurrencies, which seem like science fiction, will be adopted just like the internet was seamlessly into our lives over several years. There was a .com crash and now look at e commerce. There has been a crypto crash......wait ten years and see where cryptos are. Now is the time to load up on the top names such as Litecoin, IOTA, Ethereum, Bitcoin and XRP. When I say load up, I mean no more than 3-5% of your investable assets. 

The trade dispute between China and the US is roiling markets but a resolution will come and it will benefit both parties. China will become increasingly wealthy over the next several years but I give fair warning now, if India is not able to grab the torch for the next leg of global growth, then the day China posts a negative GDP number it will be like Armageddon to financial markets. I personally see that day coming in the mid to late 2020's. As far as I can see economically the US will still be the tallest hog in the trough, with China rapidly approaching in the rear view. The current expansion will continue in the US as the tax package brings businesses to America and the boost provided by the standard deduction doubling takes effect. The Federal Reserve Bank will continue to let the bonds they bought during quantitative easing to mature to the tune of $50 billion per month for a couple of trillion or so total when it is all said and done. That type of liquidity drain will always be in the back of the markets mind and will periodically be blamed for sell offs for the next couple of years. The catalyst for this economic run since '09 has and continues to be the roll over of boomer assets to gen x'ers and millennials. 60 trillion + going into the hands of spenders, not savers!

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