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My First 650% Gain!

by Bradley Voight on 11/10/17

I bought 50 shares of NVDA @ $33 per share in December of 2015 in my IRA account. I sold 25 of them @ $66 thinking hey, I doubled my money.......a mistake and a blatant disregard for the rules of owning a fast grower! Well the stock kept going and is now trading at over $215! The companys' market cap is $130 billion, roughly half the size of Intel Corporation (INTC) @ $213 billion. I expect Nvidia to equal Intel's size within a couple of years. 

I discovered Nvidia when it was 10 dollars a share and I waited till it tripled before buying! So how much is my $825 purchase worth today? 25.8 shares (.8 shares were bought with reinvested dividends) times $216.50 which is friday's (11/10/17) closing price equals $5,585.70 for a profit of $ the $825 that I doubled by selling @ $66 means that I made an additional $825 and took out my original $825. This means my 25 shares were free!!! Nvidia was on my watchlist for years and my watchlist is typically over 40 companies! When you keep a watch list and study it, opportunities WILL present themselves, it is all about paying attention.

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