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Revolution Lighting Included in Russell 2000 Index; Sees first US Navy contract in third quarter!

by Bradley Voight on 08/05/17

One of our longest holdings is starting to turn the corner. RVLT, an LED lighting solutions company. We have 125 shares in the Smalltime Model Portfolio and another 500 shares in my wife's IRA. Our average in price is $7.00. Could this one produce a multibagger? I believe the stock will go into the thirties over the next 4-5 years if the current plan stays on course. I am looking to add to this position soon before it breaks north of $9.00. This has not been an easy company to own, as it seems all good news is met with selling. In the immortal words of Michael Burry, of The Big Short movie fame, I might be early to this trade but I am not wrong! RVLT closed Friday August 5th at $7.32. Next stop $10....all aboard!

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