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by Bradley Voight on 06/04/17

The Smalltime Model Portfolio is about to be rebranded to! I am in the process of making Small Time Recycling into a business and opening up the website exclusively to track the former Smalltime Model Portfolio, which will be changed in name only, the holdings will remain the same for the foreseeable future. better reflects the the activity of turning scrap metal into cash and using the cash to buy stocks in clean tech industries. It is my hope that will attract other people who are interested in using otherwise dead money in the form of un-recycled metals to fund a long term stock portfolio focused on the future of clean technology and smart grid integration. 

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1. Ravindra Singh said on 6/4/17 - 09:19AM
Using scrap to fund a stock portfolio? Where do I sign up?

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Small Time Recycling's Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to reclaim valuable recyclables from the waste stream and bring attention to the wastefulness of America. Currently we are recycling metals and e-waste. We will show you that what looks like worthless trash can actually be invest-able capital. Our secondary mission, the Smalltime Model Portfolio, is a long term clean energy based portfolio that was born entirely from the trash. The portfolio is actively managed by me using all of the free information available online. The Smalltime Blog follows the SMP and is also a non political commentary on metal, stock, currency and other markets. The Smalltime Blog is also where the hard lessons of a self taught investor are discussed.
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