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Equity Markets Continue to Flourish in the Face of Nuclear War

by Bradley Voight on 09/24/17

Either investors are naive, convinced it can't happen, or they are in the know about a diplomatic solution to The North Korean issue. I wish it were the diplomatic route but there is no way I can know that. I can only hope cooler heads will prevail and if they do, I believe equity markets could add another double digit percent increase in 2018. The alternative is mind numbing. A war in the far east is likely to disrupt the world economy in a very negative way. I could see a 15% plunge on the day of any military action on our part, only stopping there because the circuit breakers would kick in and trading would be halted. Never before in my investing life have I been so exposed to a downfall with all of my investable capital. It would take me 2 hours to sell 75% of all my stock holdings and go to cash and I am prepared to do it. Being the eternal optimist, I think we will see a coup attempt or pressure from Russia and China to diffuse the situation. I hope no one is prepared to use nukes to start a war. We have to trust in the leadership of our nation at this time because the decisions are all in their hands. The current administration is pro business and pro growth and I know they are aware of what a large scale military conflict would do to undermine their economic agenda. Our generals have stated that a war on the Korean peninsula would be catastrophic. Millions of casualties would result quickly and millions more would be displaced with just conventional weaponry warfare. Let's pray for peace and prosperity for the Asian world!

Revolution Lighting Included in Russell 2000 Index; Sees first US Navy contract in third quarter!

by Bradley Voight on 08/05/17

One of our longest holdings is starting to turn the corner. RVLT, an LED lighting solutions company. We have 125 shares in the Smalltime Model Portfolio and another 500 shares in my wife's IRA. Our average in price is $7.00. Could this one produce a multibagger? I believe the stock will go into the thirties over the next 4-5 years if the current plan stays on course. I am looking to add to this position soon before it breaks north of $9.00. This has not been an easy company to own, as it seems all good news is met with selling. In the immortal words of Michael Burry, of The Big Short movie fame, I might be early to this trade but I am not wrong! RVLT closed Friday August 5th at $7.32. Next stop $10....all aboard!


by Bradley Voight on 06/10/17

The SMP is in the green for the first time in it's young life! Further details to follow including more on the transition to

Coming Soon:

by Bradley Voight on 06/04/17

The Smalltime Model Portfolio is about to be rebranded to! I am in the process of making Small Time Recycling into a business and opening up the website exclusively to track the former Smalltime Model Portfolio, which will be changed in name only, the holdings will remain the same for the foreseeable future. better reflects the the activity of turning scrap metal into cash and using the cash to buy stocks in clean tech industries. It is my hope that will attract other people who are interested in using otherwise dead money in the form of un-recycled metals to fund a long term stock portfolio focused on the future of clean technology and smart grid integration. 

Evolution of an Investor: 5 Years in Results Begin to Materialize

by Bradley Voight on 03/04/17

In October of 2014 I wrote a piece called Evolution of an Investor, Lessons from the First Three Years. Those first three years were trying to say the least! Wading through all the lies and myths and trying to gain the necessary knowledge to get a foot in the door and actually make money from owning stocks. Trade is in the name of nearly every online broker leaving the unwitting to think trading is the only way to make any profits. Options or mathematical mysticism, whatever you wish to call them, are way over the heads of almost everyone, me included and I sort of understand them! Mutual Funds, the only way for the "common man" to diversify and manage risk, I found to be over-diversified dividend eating monsters relentlessly mashing up the dividends of their holdings and spitting out a small sliver for you, the mutual turtle shareholder.

Today, after 5 1/2 years of nearly all of my waking hours spent learning and researching, results are coming in. My wife has come on board after her first pick, Kroger, went from 33 to 77. We bought 100 shares for $3300. When the dust settled a year and a half later, our $3300 was $7400 and my wife was convinced that individual stock ownership was for us. We bought Kroger because the company was buying back shares and reducing the amount on the open market and same store sales growth was up for ten years running. We have closed our Kroger position with a $4100 profit. Next came Republic Services. Bill Gates bought over $200 million worth in the spring and summer of 2015 and we bought 100 shares with him @ $38. Republic is now at $61. I sold 30 shares @ $55 for $1650 and now have 70 remaining shares earning 2.32% in dividends. In December of 2016 I bought 50 shares of Nvidia corporation @ $33 selling 25 shares @ $66 for a profit of $800. Meanwhile the stock continued to run up as high as $120 and I am holding. The reason I bought Nvidia is because their chips are in big in gaming and autonomous vehicles and because they are a major player in the internet of things or IoT. Three examples of how paying attention and doing a little research can make you money that you never actually "worked" for.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice as I am neither licensed nor qualified to advise anyone's financial decisions. It is a site presenting an "out of the box" set of ideas on how to possibly maximize profit from recycling, creating an incentive for people to recycle. and I Brad Voight are not responsible for any losses incurred from tips or suggestions presented on, they are simply my own opinions and I encourage you to form your own opinions.
Also, the Smalltime Blog is not intended to be journalism. It is my own personal commentary on market factors, conditions, and events and other commentary relative to the content on and is by no means meant to convey news or provide coverage of any news event.
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